Simple, legal and responsible waste collections

There are times when you have redundant computers to get rid of and all that is needed is a waste collection.

We can come to your site, load up everything you need to dispose of, issue a Waste Transfer Note and remove everything for legal and responsible recycling.

Note this is a basic waste disposal service – if you require secure data erasure, asset reporting and certification please see our IT Asset Disposal page.

There are two options when it comes to our waste collections:

One-off Waste Collection

We will arrive at your premises with our own cages or pallets, and load them up with the waste to be collected. When you have built up more waste, simply call us and we will come to collect it.

Regular Waste Collection

For customers with more regular waste disposal requirements, we will drop off a container for you to fill with waste. When it is full just call us, and we will collect it and drop off another one for you.

Simply contact us to arrange your collection.

Whichever way we make a collection from you we always issue a Waste Transfer Note, so you can meet your obligations under the WEEE Regulations.

We operate a Zero Landfill Policy with all equipment we remove from customer sites, in order to minimise the environmental impact of computer and WEEE disposals. We can provide information to customers on the impact their disposal has on the environment, with details on how much equipment is reused or recycled – all useful information for Corporate Social Responsibility.