Tapes & CD Destruction

All your company information and data is stored on backup tapes, CDs and DVDs so it is vital to ensure they are disposed of securely.

Many businesses are changing their backup strategies and are finding their DLT and LTO backup tapes, and backup CDs and DVDs are now redundant. Hundreds of GB of data can fit on a single tape so great care needs to be taken when disposing of them.

Tapes & CDs

We can securely and efficiently destroy your old backup tapes and CDs

DLT & LTO Backup Tapes

Redundant DLT and LTO backup tapes hold all of your company’s sensitive data, and therefore must be disposed of securely.

DLT Tapes

When the time comes to dispose of them we can help – our specialised shredder is equipped to shred backup tapes to 20mm or even 6mm pieces, effectively turning the tape in to confetti, and we can issue a Certificate of Destruction to prove you took the correct measures to meet your Data Protection Act obligations.

CDs and DVDs

While CDs and DVDs are extremely useful for holding information, this information makes them a liability that needs securely disposed of.


Large numbers of CDs and DVDs can be shredded with our specialised shredder or we can use a specialised US NSA approved commercial CD destroyer to completely remove all data from discs. Like all our services this can be carried out on customer sites and Certificates of Destruction are issued.

Simply contact us to find out more about our services and see how we can help to securely dispose of your redundant data bearing media.