Hard Disk Drive Erasure and Destruction

Computer hard drives can contain a huge amount of sensitive corporate information and need to be disposed of securely.

Unlike many computer recyclers, we use UK Government CESG approved data erasure software to ensure complete data security, and we believe that it is worth paying for certified data erasure software for complete security and peace of mind.

We can erase hard drives to both HMG IA 5 Lower (Restricted) and Higher (Top Secret) levels depending on requirements.

If your security policies require physical hard drive destruction – or if any drives fail erasure – they are physically destroyed.

Shredded Hard Drives and Tapes

Hard Disk Drive Erasure and Destruction

Hard Disk Drive Erasure

By using UK Government CESG approved software we ensure hard drives are erased and verified and we issue Certificates of Destruction showing the serial numbers of all drives erased.

hard disk with 0 and 1

Whatever your security policies we can meet them by providing:

  • Onsite Hard Disk Drive Erasure
  • Offsite Hard Disk Drive Erasure
  • UK Government CESG approved software
  • Erase to HMG IA5 Lower or Higher Level
  • Certificates of Destruction issued

Don’t risk your data and your reputation by giving your old computers to a company that uses erasure software they have downloaded from the internet.

Speak to a company that uses UK Government approved erasure software.

Hard Disk Drive Destruction

Although we promote the secure erasure of hard drives and the verification and reuse potential this gives, there are times when hard disk drives need to be physically destroyed.

Shredded Hard Drives

Old hard drives, faulty drives or hard drives that fail erasure need to be physically destroyed to maintain customer data confidentiality. We have a specialised hard drive shredder that can completely shred HDDs to 20mm or even 6mm pieces, effectively turning them in to corn flakes sized pieces. Certificates of Destruction can be issued showing the serial numbers of all hard drives processed.

We can also take our specialised hard drive destruction equipment on to your premises to carry out onsite hard drive destruction, ensuring the drives are destroyed before leaving your site.

Whatever your disposal policies we can help you meet them with:

  • Onsite Physical Hard Drive Destruction
  • Hard Drive Shredding to 20mm or 6mm
  • Certificates of Destruction issued
  • All Shredded Material Recycled

Simply contact us to find out how we can help you dispose of your redundant computers and their hard drives securely.