Home Users

It is increasingly important for home computer users to dispose of their old computers securely.

We all use our computers at home for dealing with sensitive information- online banking, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email, online gaming and even taking work files home.

Secure Computer Recycling for Domestic Users

Maximum Security

As data security specialists, we make sure that all computers we receive are processed to guarantee the data on them doesn’t fall in to the wrong hands.

We make sure the hard drive in your computer is erased using Government approved software, or physically destroyed using specialised equipment. You can rest assured it has been processed safely and securely; this much safer than taking it to the local Council recycling facility.

Data Security

For a small charge we can even issue a Certificate of Destruction as we do for our corporate clients, showing the hard drive serial number and confirming the method of destruction.

A Responsible Solution

We aim to follow the waste hierarcy of Reuse before Recycling, so wherever possible we try to reuse any components or parts of computers we take in. This is responsible and proactive recycling.

Responsible Recycling

Anything that cannot be reused is broken down at our fully licensed processing facility, into separate waste streams for the most efficient recycling.

Contact us to see how we can help you securely and responsibly recycle your old computer.