IT Disposal and Data Destruction services

This post is to give you a bit more information on the services we offer.

Different organisations have different requirements and policies when it comes to the disposal of their old computers and IT equipment and we aim to provide services to match all requirements.

For businesses there are really 2 options for securely disposing of computers, servers, CDs/DVDs and backup tapes; onsite or offsite data destruction.

Offsite Data Destruction

This suits the needs of most businesses – our staff will attend site and remove all redundant IT equipment and WEEE and issue a Waste Transfer Note to cover your obligations under the WEEE Regulations.
The equipment is taken to our secure premises where the computer, laptop and server hard disks are removed and processed using Government approved equipment and processes to ensure they are securely destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued to the customer to allow them to prove they have had the data destroyed and aid their Data Protection Act compliance.
The equipment is then responsibly and legally recycled, ensuring the complete and secure disposal of redundant IT equipment.

Onsite Data Destruction

For customers whose security policies dictate that the hard drives from their redundant computers are destroyed before leaving their custody we can bring our certified equipment to their site, remove the hard drives and destroy them in front of the customer.
Certificates of Destruction and Waste Transfer Notes are issued immediately so everything is completed before we leave site, completely solving the problem of old computers that are taking up sapce but that need disposed of securely and responsibly.
In both cases full details of the removed equipment can be provided and and customers have the assurance that the IT disposal, recycling and data destruction services are ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified.

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