Mobile Phone Erasure & Recycling

Mobile phones are storing an increasing amount of information- from company emails to personal social media information. It is more important than ever to ensure they are disposed of securely.

Don’t leave mobile phone recycling and disposal as an afterthought to your overall IT asset disposal strategy; plan for the secure erasure, shredding and recycling of your redundant mobile phones. And if there is any value to your old mobiles we can potentially offer a rebate on them!

We can help you by using our approved software to reset, erase and wipe mobile phones such as:

  • Android mobile phone erasure
  • iPhone erasure
  • BlackBerry erasure
Recycled Smart Phone

Mobile Phone Erasure and Recycling

We use specialised mobile phone erasure software to completely clear phones of all the data  they contain to ensure they can be disposed of safely and securely.

Erasure Certificates are issued showing the serial numbers of all mobile phones that are cleared of data so you can prove your data bearing assets have been disposed of securely.

Erased Smart Phone

Mobile Phone Shredding

Older mobile phones can be shredded to ensure they are completely destroyed when you dispose of them.

Our specialised shredder can efficiently shred a large number of mobile phones and all the material is then responsibly recycled.

Mobile Phones

Contact us now to discuss how we can help dispose of your old mobile phones securely and responsibly.