New 5 Camera Vehicle CCTV System Installed

At Glasgow Computer Recycling we are constantly striving to improve the security and efficiency of our services.

In order to meet the most stringent customer data security policies and provide complete peace of mind we have recently installed a cutting edge 5 camera CCTV system in our largest collection vehicle.

Customer data bearing assets are therefore recorded from the minute they are loaded on to the vehicle until they are destroyed back at our secure premises.

Grant Morgan of Glasgow Computer Recycling explains the reason for the new installation; “Data is the most important thing we deal with and we’re always looking at ways we can improve security for our customers to give them added peace of mind when disposing of their IT assets. This kind of investment in equipment and training costs a significant amount of money but we believe it is essential to provide the level of service required when dealing with sensitive data. Even if customers don’t need our highest level of data sanitisation and documentation they can be assured their confidential data is being transported as securely as possible.”

Along with our commitment to using certified, approved data erasure software and a specialised hard drive shredder this is another example of our desire to stay at the front of the industry and provide the highest quality Service Levels and sets us apart from the vast majority of our competitors.

As always, feel free to get in touch for more information on this or any of our services.


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