New Service: Remove Copiers, Printers and Large WEEE Down Stairs

Do you need to safely dispose of a photocopier or large printer but are faced with several flights of stairs on the way to the front door? Large IT equipment taking up space but can’t get rid of it?

This is a common problem in many offices in Glasgow due to the stairs on the route from the office to the pavement exit. We’ve found businesses have been unable to dispose of their redundant photocopiers, large printers and other large IT equipment and WEEE such as network cabinets because they cannot be safely taken down stairs.

This, coupled with the need to ensure the data on any internal hard disk drives is securely erased, means redundant copiers are often left taking up space in offices when they should be securely disposed of.

We are pleased to announce that we can solve both these problems; our specialist data erasure and certification services deal with the data problem, and our recent addition of a powered stair climbing hand truck allows us to safely decommission photocopiers and printers and take them downstairs.

Some equipment this service can help with is:

  • Photocopiers
  • Large Laser Printers
  • Network / Comms Cabinets
  • Telephony Cabinets

So if you have an old photocopier taking up space in the office but don’t know how to get it down the stairs, simply contact us and we can see how we can help remove it for you.


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