Company Updates

October 2019 has been a busy month for us, carrying out our secure computer disposal services. We’ve also been doing a bit of preparation for our upcoming ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 re-certification visit next month and we’ll keep you posted with how that goes.

As well as serving our existing customers we’ve taken on several new customers who have required a variety of Service Levels ranging from a standard Secure Recycling Collection to more in depth certified services; after an initial consultation we identified their policies and requirements and tailored our Service Level to meet their requirements in the most efficient and effective manner. Feel free to contact us any time to go over your requirements, we’re always happy to advise on what can be done to help you.

Our director has also attend a couple of industry events to ensure we’re up to speed with the latest industry developments. One of these was a computer resale meeting attended by buyers from all over the world which increases our range contacts in the computer resale industry and gives us more options for selling your excess IT equipment and realising value for you.

We also had a trawl through our old mentions in news articles and found this one on the BBC – it’s not the biggest mention on the internet but even so we’re proud of it!

Jobs We Have Done

We’ve had a busy month carrying out secure computer recycling collections. Our main collection area is Glasgow city centre but we have also visited some more far flung places this month; from a data centre in Edinburgh, to a ferry ride to Dunoon to a genuine Scottish castle!

So much as we’re called GLASGOW Computer Recycling, we do venture further afield and can carry out our secure computer and IT Asset Disposal services wherever you need us to.

Relevant News

There have been some updates in the WEEE recycling world, the main thing being the disposal of waste containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

This link contains an in depth explanation of this, but in simple terms this legislation means that plastics with fire retardant additives now have to be separated and can only be disposed of by incineration. There is not enough incineration capacity in the UK and the result of this is that the cost of plastic disposal is rocketing.

This directly affects the disposal of WEEE because there’s obviously a lot of plastic in monitors, keyboards, printers etc.

More big news is that time is running out for users of Windows 7 – support from Microsoft will end on 14th January 2020. This means Windows 7 computers will not receive operating system and security updates and will become more vulnerable to hacking and security problems.

We appreciate many of our customers are moving to Windows 10 and we can of course help with the secure disposal of their redundant Windows 7 computers, and as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we can also upgrade computers for both commercial and domestic customers – contact us to see how we can help you keep your computers secure!

A great resource for keeping up to speed with developments and your obligations in the WEEE world is the NetRegs website and you can sign up for updates here:

Vintage Equipment

Here’s our monthly round up of some of the more interesting equipment we have collected this month. Much as we generally deal with more modern equipment which we can get you value back for, we do come across the odd piece of computing and electronic history!


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