Office clearances and computer decommissions

One of the main reasons for getting rid of computer equipment is when the time comes to move, expand or relocate an office.

Glasgow Computer Recycling can help customers securely, legally and easily dispose of their redundant IT equipment, WEEE and other office items.
All manner of WEEE can be removed;
  • Old computers; desktop PCs and laptops
  • Server room equipment, including server cabinets, redundant servers, switches, routers and hubs
  • Old backup tapes (DLT/LTO, DDS, DAT etc.), CDs and DVDs
  • Miscellaneous WEEE such as boxes of cables, wires, power cords etc.
  • Telephony systems, telephones and voice equipment
  • Printers and fax machines
  • All manner of waste electronic equipment
Customers are issued with Waste Transfer Notes at the time of collection to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations and all data is securely wiped from computers, servers, laptops and backup tapes in line with the Data Protection Act.
So contact us today to arrange the disposal of your waste IT equipment and make sure it is done legally, responsibly and securely.



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