Project Debrief Web Conference – Your Documentation Explained

It seems like everything we do now requires more and more documentation and reports and that can certainly be the case when it comes to securely disposing of IT equipment.

Many of our customers need the full audit trails provided by our enhanced data destruction, Certificates of Destruction and Asset Report services and this can end up creating a lot of documentation.

We are aware that the end result of disposing of what can sometimes be a large amount of redundant IT equipment/WEEE is some electronic files and certificates, and our customer contacts usually have to file, archive, distribute and explain these documents to their colleagues which means that above all they have to understand them.

In order to go over all the project documents we can now hold a Project Debrief Web Conference with our customers. It sounds a bit fancy but in reality it is a web conference we will host after issuing the project documentation, where we can share a computer screen and go over all the individual documents relating to your IT disposal and answer any queries you may have. We arrange it and email the invitation and it is done over your computer’s audio, and there is no video!

It doesn’t take long and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the service or the documentation and prepares you fully for any questions you may receive from your colleagues.

It’s a fairly simple thing but just another way we aim to make our service as hassle free as possible.

Simply contact us to find out more!


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