Satellite Tracked Computer Recycling Vehicles

We now have Satellite Tracked computer recycling collection vehicles.

Customer data security, tracking and audit control are paramount in the computer disposal industry so it is with great pleasure that we can announce that our collection vehicles have now been fitted with state of the art satellite tracking systems. These systems allow us to view the exact location of each vehicle and track its progress back to our premises, so we will always know where your redundant computers – and the data on them – are at all times, ensuring the security of your data.

We believe this investment helps to show our customers that we take their data security extremely seriously and have put in place many controls to look after their old IT equipment and mitigate any risks involved in its transport.

This is another level of security and industry best practice that we have implemented, and combined with our onsite hard drive destruction services, hard disk drive shredding service and secure hard drive data erasure processes ensures that we can meet any customer data disposal policy – why not contact us and find out how we can help you safely dispose of your redundant IT equipment.


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