Service Levels

Everything starts with a Secure Recycling Collection.

This is the foundation of all services we provide; we attend your site, collect your redundant IT equipment/WEEE and issue a Waste Transfer Note.

All equipment is checked for data bearing media (hard drives, CDs etc.) and any hard drives are destroyed by erasing or crushing with a US Government NSA approved hard drive crusher that is approved for the emergency destruction of hard drives.

Asset labels and customer stickers are removed from equipment and everything is disposed of legally and in accordance with the WEEE Regulations.

This service is charged on the amount of equipment/waste to be collected and the difficulty of the collection and is suitable for disposing of equipment that does not contain particularly sensitive data – simply contact us to go over your requirement.

Additional Services To Meet Your Requirements

Certificate of Destruction

We can issue a Certificate of Destruction showing the serial numbers of all drives processed and the method of destruction, either crushing as part of the Recycling Collection or our more secure erasure or shredding options.

Contact us to see an example Certificate of Destruction and find out how it can help demonstrate your compliance with Data Protection Act obligations.

Enhanced Data Destruction

The hard drive crushing we carry out as part of a Recycling Collection may be sufficient for your needs, but in order to meet more stringent disposal policies we can offer a higher level of data destruction services.

We have a specialised hard drive shredder that can completely shred hard drives to 20mm or even 6mm pieces, effectively turning them in to corn flakes sized pieces.

Hard drives can also be erased using UK Government CESG approved data erasure software to HMG IA5 Lower Level or Higher Level – simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements to ensure we can provide a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Click to find out more about our data security services.

Hazardous Waste

CRT monitors and UPSs/batteries and classed as Hazardous Waste by SEPA and require additional chargeable paperwork provided by SEPA.

There is a charge per collection for the documentation then a charge per unit for the CRT monitors and we can confirm the numbers when booking your collection.

Tape Destruction

We can shred backup data tapes of all types; DLO, LTO, DDS etc. and they are effectively turned in to confetti to ensure your data is fully destroyed.

See here for more information.

Onsite Data Destruction

For the highest level of data security we can carry out onsite data destruction to ensure all hard drives are physically destroyed before leaving your premises.

You can witness the drives being destroyed at your site then they are securely packed for transport back to our premises in our satellite tracked collection vehicles.

Simply contact us to find out more about this maximum security service.

Asset Report

In order to save you making a record of all the items you are disposing of we can issue a full Asset Report showing the asset type, serial number and asset number of everything we collect from you.

Contact us to find out more about this and the other services we can offer to help you with a hassle free disposal service.

Enhanced Security Collection

In order to meet the most secure computer disposal policies we can offer an enhanced security collection service with all equipment sealed in cages with numbered security tags, full reporting on the collection vehicle’s progress back to base and an audit trail of all security seals.

If this is something you require please contact us to find out more.

Simply contact us to find out how we can help you dispose of your redundant computers and their hard drives securely.