We Now Have A Hard Drive Shredder

Glasgow Computer Recycling are pleased to announce that we have recently taken delivery of a Hard Disk Drive Shredder.

This is a piece of specialised equipment that allows complete hard drives, mobile phones and backup tapes to be shredded to various sizes in order to meet UK Government IA5 Standards.

We are delighted that this piece of equipment allows us to offer complete IT Asset Disposal, Computer Recycling and Hard Drive Destruction services. Our services will now meet your data security and computer disposal requirements and policies whatever they may be and the shredder allows us to:

  • Shred HDDs/hard disk drives to 20mm shred size
  • Shred HDDs/hard disk drives to 6mm shred size – see the £1 coin in the photo!
  • Shred LTO and DLT backup tapes to 20mm or 6mm pieces
  • Shred any redundant mobile phones into small pieces to purge them of data
  • Shred large numbers of CDs and DVDs

So whatever your requirement or policy contact us today and see how we can help you meet you Data Protection Act obligations when disposing of data bearing assets. We are happy to discuss your requirement in detail and work out the most suitable solution to meet your policies and budget.

Grant Morgan, Director of Glasgow Computer Recycling, says “It has taken us some time to procure this very specialised piece of equipment and it is quite an investment, but we believe it will allow us to better serve a wider range of customers with any varied data destruction requirements, so however they need their data disposed of we will be able to meet any customer requirements. The hard drive shredder also vastly increases our hard drive destruction processing capacity meaning we can more cost efficiently deal with large numbers of redundant computer hard drives.”

If you need onsite hard drive destruction services we can also provide this and the new hard drive shredder will increase our capacity for this as well.

As always we can provide a Certificate of Destruction showing the serial numbers of all hard drives destroyed so you can prove they were processed properly.

We will of course still provide our industry leading data erasure services which only use UK Government CESG approved software to securely and completely erase hard drives to clear them of all data and allow their safe and secure reuse.

This new piece of equipment completes our service offering in the IT Asset Disposal industry and we are looking forward to putting it to use for our existing and new customers.


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