XP Support Ending – Have You Computers To Dispose Of?

The demise of Windows XP has been widely reported – are you affected?

There have been many articles in the press highlighting the end of Windows XP and Microsoft will be ending their support for the ageing operating system on the 8th of April this year – not long to go now!

A recent article in the respected SC Magazine states that the number of XP users in the UK is 8% of the total operating systems market, and given the amount of computers in use this is a massive number of computers. It also highlights that Microsoft is increasing the cost of support for XP machines to £120 per PC after April 8th which is another reason to migrate to a newer operating system and dispose of the now redundant computers.

That’s where we can help – ensuring you securely, legally and responsibly dispose of your redundant IT assets:

  • We can stage collections to tie in with your deployment of new computers, matching your rollout timescale: store only a week’s worth of decommissioned computers then we can collect them to save on storage space, then we collect again the next week
  • Need to know what you have decommissioned and replaced? We can provide full asset reporting to allow your staff to concentrate on getting the new computers working, while we let you know what kit came out
  • Security? We use UK Government CESG approved software and destruction equipment to ensure complete data security and full Certificates of Destruction are issued – let us take care of the time consuming data destruction process and let your staff get on with getting the new computers installed and working
  • Accreditations? You need to know you can trust the company that takes away your computers – see our accreditations which show how seriously we take this

So if you are implementing new desktops, laptops or servers and decommissioning the old redundant equipment contact us to see how we can assist you with the whole process – with much experience of computer end of life process we can make your job easier and let you concentrate on getting the new systems working.



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