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Specialists in Secure Data Destruction and Data Security

When disposing of your confidential corporate and customer data, would it not make sense to deal with a company that specialises in secure computer disposals?

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a specialised IT Asset Disposal company, and customer data security is the number one priority. Your company data and reputation are critical to your business, so don’t take shortcuts when recycling your redundant IT equipment.

The data destruction services on offer are tailored to meet customer requirements, fitting around your security policies. Whether you require hard disk drives to be destroyed before leaving your site or processed at our premises, Glasgow Computer Recycling can tailor services to suit. Whatever service you choose, the processes and methods used ensure the highest levels of security. Policies can be tailored to find a data destruction solution to meet your needs – simply contact us and see how Glasgow Computer Recycling can help.



Glasgow Computer Recycling is pleased to work with Blancco, the industry-leading data erasure software. Certificates of Destruction are issued, showing the serial numbers of all drives erased and the method of erasure.

Whatever your security policies, Glasgow Computer Recycling can meet them by providing:

  • Onsite Hard Disk Drive Erasure
  • Offsite Hard Disk Drive Erasure
  • Erase to HMG IA5 Lower or Higher Level
  • Certificates of Destruction issued

Don’t risk your data and your reputation by giving your old computers to a company that uses erasure software they have downloaded from the internet.


Hard Disk Drive Destruction

Although the secure erasure of hard drives and verification allow for the refurbishment and reuse of data assets, there are times when hard disk drives need to be physically destroyed.

Old hard drives, faulty drives, or hard drives that fail erasure need to be physically destroyed to maintain customer data confidentiality. Glasgow Computer Recycling offers the service of specialised hard drive shredding that can completely shred HDDs to 6mm pieces. Certification of Destruction is issued, showing the serial numbers of all hard drives processed.

Specialised hard drive destruction equipment can be brought to your premises to carry out onsite hard drive destruction, ensuring the drives are destroyed before leaving the site.

Whatever your disposal policies Glasgow Computer Recycling can help you meet them with:

  • On-site physical hard drive destruction
  • Hard drive shredding to 18mm or 6mm
  • Certificates of Destruction issued
  • All shredded materials recycled

CD Data Destruction

Glasgow Computer Recycling has the ability to shred large numbers of CDs and DVDs with specialised shredding equipment.

Alternatively a US NSA-approved commercial CD destroyer can completely remove all data from discs. This like all services can be carried out on-site with Certificates of Destruction issued.


Tape DestructionRedundant DLT and LTO backup tapes hold company information including sensitive data. These data-holding assets need secure and specialised disposal once redundant.

Glasgow Computer Recycling are able to offer this service using a specialised shredder equipped to shred backup tapes to 18mm or even 6mm pieces with an issued Certificate of Destruction proving correct measures were taken to meet Data Protection Act obligations.


Wiped smart phoneSpecialised mobile phone erasure software is used to completely clear mobile devices of all data held to ensure safe and secure disposal.

Erasure Certificates are issued showing the serial/IMEI numbers of all mobile phones and portable devices that are cleared of data. Making the erasure of information on these data-bearing assets auditable and proven.


Shredded Hard DriveOlder mobile phones and devices can be shredded to ensure complete physical destruction.

Large numbers of mobile phones and devices can be physically destroyed using a specialised shredder. All the material is then recycled.


Networking equipment can be sanitised by whatever method is most appropriate:

  • Resetting to factory settings according to manufacturer’s guidance
  • Reloading firmware to factory reset
  • Removing and shredding circuit boards

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