Shredded HDD


Specialised Equipment for a Specialised Job

Data destruction and shredding

HDD ShredderHard drives, tapes, CDs and other media can be shredded using specialist equipment providing a secure, and efficient data destruction service throughout Glasgow, Scotland, and the UK.

The shredder allows for the processing of a large number of items securely and efficiently, meeting any customer’s data destruction and secure IT Asset Disposal requirements. Items can be shredded down to different sizes depending on the security requirement, time factor, and cost, advise on all aspects of data shredding is provided to all customers.

Simply contact Glasgow Computer Recycling to see how your disposal requirements can be met.

Which data assets can be shredded?
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Backup tapes: DLT / LTO
  • Mobile Phones
  • USB sticks

Assets can be shredded down to either 18mm or 6mm shred size. Certificates of Destruction can be provided in line with legal and business requirements.

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