IT Lifecycle Management

End-to-end IT asset management for redundant IT equipment

laptop it lifecycleGlasgow Computer Recycling offers services to cover the entire lifespan of your waste electrical items

If your business requires full IT equipment management services, then Glasgow Computer Recycling can offer:

  • Secure asset tracking throughout
  • Certified data erasure and full certification
  • Rebate on equipment which may still hold value
  • Quality refurbishment of equipment to the highest standards
  • Collection, processing, and redeployment service management

phone repairThere may still be life in your electrical assets – IT asset refurbishment

IT assets can be refurbished, repurposed, and then reused. Glasgow Computer Recycling can repair and refurbish electrical equipment to the very highest standards. Assets are then redeployed for reuse with a complete data erasure included in the service.

Are you looking for easy redeployment of IT? – Glasgow Computer Recycling can manage that for you

Are you looking to install new kit? Do you need imaging services as part of the deployment of IT assets? Disposal of redundant IT equipment for recycling and asset replacement, including imaging and deployment are all services that Glasgow Computer Recycling can offer.

The ability to tag, track and report on your assets at any stage of the process

Glasgow Computer Recycling is able trakk it logoto offer complete IT asset tracking (RF-ID tracking), assets are tracked through every stage of the process. As a customer, you are granted secure access to our own online Trakk-IT Portal.

How else can Glasgow Computer Recycling help with IT asset management?

Imaging and deployment services can be offered to customers, meaning your business software can be uploaded across all selected machines. There are different options available to you on how this imaging is completed, this allows the service to be tailored to meet your business need. Then once your equipment is in need of refurbishment, repurposing or destruction Glasgow Computer Recycling can securely, quickly, and sustainably facilitate this.

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