How It Works

Simple and hassle free computer equipment disposal

No two collections are the same but we strive to understand your requirements in order to provide the most suitable, relevant and cost effective computer recycling service.

After understanding your requirements we will attend your site with an appropriately sized vehicle (our maximum payload is 2.6 tonnes) and bring all necessary cages, boxes, bags, lifting equipment and trolleys needed to make the collection as quick, safe and efficient as possible.

You can show us what is to be collected then we'll efficiently remove it and let you get on with your day.

The equipment is securely transported back to our premises in our satellite tracked, CCTV monitored vehicles then the processing work begins.

All documentation will be issued quickly and by email so it easy for you to file and manage, and we can also have a Project Completion webconference to review everything.

Collect Equipment
Agree Service Level
Process and Issue Documents