data destruction and erasure

Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction

Glasgow Computer Recycling can offer secure and certified data erasure and destruction for your IT Assets

Secure data destruction is so much more than recycling assets or disposing of data-holding devices. Secure data destruction protects your business from the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. Not only would you be looking at the reputational damage such a leak would cause, but under UK legislation your business would be held liable.

Secure data destruction with Glasgow Computer Recycling helps you to remove that risk. This can be through degaussing and physical shredding of assets or the irreversible erasure of data. Not only are these services GDPR compliant, but certification of destruction will be provided in order for you to meet your next audit requirements.

What data destruction services can Glasgow Computer Recycling offer?

  • Destruction of data holding assets to a range of security levels
  • A choice of on-site physical destruction methods, either shredding or degaussing
  • Destruction of a wide range of media, including hard drives, discs, and tapes
  • A GDPR-compliant service externally audited

data destructionWhat is physical data destruction?

Physical data destruction is the physical process of destroying assets. This process is either done through industrial-grade shredding to a range of grades or the degaussing of equipment (the destruction of a data storage device by removing its magnetism).

What is secure data erasure?

Rather than a physical destruction process, data erasure is a software-based solution for irreversibly deleting data. Unlike data destruction, data erasure allows devices to be reused once the process is complete.

Businesses such as yours will have a unique set of individual data destruction requirements. At Glasgow Computer Cycling, there is a team of dedicated advisors to help you choose the most suitable solution.

Step 1 – Identify customer need

Glasgow Computer Recycling in partnership with your business decide which form of data destruction is required to meet your needs.

Step Two – Assets manifested

Your business assets are manifested, which data destruction method you choose, and your assets are processed through a secure process.

Step 3 – Data destroyed

Data destroyed in-line with the options that you have chosen. Either physical eradication of assets or the erasure of data through certified accredited software.

Step 4 – Certificate of destruction issued

All data destroyed either physically or erased is certified. A full report is provided to you the client and then uploaded to the secure customer portal.

blancco softwareWhat software is used to erase data from IT equipment?

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a Blancco Gold Partner, offering Blancco data erasure to customers. Blancco data erasure process is the highest level of eradication available on the market. Unlike a factory reset on a device or asset, the Blancco erasure process ensures that deleted data is irretrievable.

Which data destruction service is best for your business?

There are a number of considerations when choosing the correct data destruction method for your business. A lot of this depends on the industry-specific requirements your business is required to follow. Does your business require on or offsite destruction/erasure of data? To help you through this process Glasgow Computer Recycling has a team of dedicated support staff to talk you through the different options available and the best option for your business.

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