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Secure Photocopier Disposal

Photocopiers are large, heavy machines that can be difficult to remove from buildings, and most of them contain a hard drive which can hold records of all documents they have scanned and printed.

There are many reasons for needing to dispose of photocopiers; reached end of lease, broken photocopiers, obsolete photocopiers and redundant photocopiers that are just taking up space.



We can safely remove photocopiers from any building using specialised equipment if need be to ensure the safety of your building, our staff and the general public.

Many photocopiers contain hard drives and our basic photocopier disposal service includes removing and crushing the hard drive, but we can also shred it and issue a Certificate of Destruction if required.

We aim to make each photocopier recycling collection quick and hassle free for the customer, so much so that at times we make it look easy, so we decided to create this short video to show just what is involved in a photocopier’s journey from your office to the big copy room in the sky.



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