Glasgow Computer Recycling’s Secure IT Disposal Services

by Nathan Church 5th June 2023

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Improper disposal of e-waste can lead to significant environmental and health issues. In Scotland, Glasgow Computer Recycling is a trusted provider of sustainable and secure solutions for recycling electronic waste.

With a strong commitment to reducing the environmental impact of e-waste, Glasgow Computer Recycling offers a comprehensive range of services to businesses throughout Scotland. This ensures responsible disposal of various electronic devices such as computers and laptops.

Why Choose Glasgow Computer Recycling For IT Disposal Services?

At Glasgow Computer Recycling, adherence to standards and regulations is of utmost importance. The company consistently ensures the safe and responsible disposal of e-waste. Doing so by maintaining compliance with relevant regulations through regular auditing of their recycling processes.

With certifications including ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Glasgow Computer Recycling is dedicated to delivering high-quality services while minimising environmental impact.

Glasgow Computer Recycling Truck

Glasgow Computer Recycling: Part of the S2S Group

Recently acquired by ITAD S2S Group, a company based in South Yorkshire renowned for its extensive expertise and numerous accreditations and certifications, Glasgow Computer Recycling strengthens its position in the industry.

S2S Group holds a range of certifications, including the ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 DIAL 3 and EcoVadis Gold Sustainability Rating, assuring customers of their commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.

Glasgow Computer Recycling Part of The S2S Group

Comprehensive IT Disposal Services for Businesses

Glasgow Computer Recycling offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in Scotland. Their services include secure data destruction, WEEE recycling, mobile phone recycling and refurbishment, and more.

By providing cost-effective, hassle-free, and sustainable solutions for IT asset disposal, Glasgow Computer Recycling helps businesses responsibly manage their electronic devices while reducing overall IT costs.

Choose Sustainable E-Waste Solutions with Glasgow Computer Recycling

Glasgow Computer Recycling has a strong commitment to sustainability. Glasgow Computer Recycling is your trusted partner for environmentally conscious e-waste disposal in Scotland.

Contact Glasgow Computer Recycling today to learn more about their services and take a step towards responsible e-waste management.

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