Sustainable Future: What Glasgow Computer Recycling Are Aiming For

by Nathan Church 17th April 2023

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What Impact Does E-Waste Have?

E-Waste is one of the biggest global crises in the world and has been for quite some time. Electronic Waste causes a huge environmental threat and is also an issue for human health. Being a sustainable ITAD is of the highest importance for Glasgow Computer Recycling.

Furthermore, around 50 Million Metric Tonnes of e-waste is generated globally per year. As the rising demand for tech products increases year by year, the crisis of e-waste seems to be far from slowing.

According to Mobicode, 5.3 billion mobile phones were thrown away in 2022. However, only 12% of those being securely recycled.

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Why Is It Important To Use A Sustainable ITAD?

Using a sustainable ITAD is important for several reasons. It helps to prevent electronic waste and also its harmful impact on the environment and human health.

E-Waste poses a massive environmental threat if not disposed of properly. These devices such as mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, etc. contain hazardous materials that can leak into the environment and pollute soil, air, and water. Sustainable ITAD companies like Glasgow Computer Recycling ensure that e-waste is recycled and disposed of in a secure and responsible manner.

Data Equipment contains sensitive and confidential data that needs to be securely erased before disposal to prevent data breaches. Furthermore, Glasgow Computer Recycling ensures that data is securely erased by Blancco’s Data Erasure software. This eliminates any reputational risks you could have faced.

For more information on our Data Destruction and Data Erasure service, visit our Data Destruction page

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How is Glasgow Computer Recycling Sustainable?

Furthermore, we hold a number of accreditations and certifications to give customers full faith that we are secure and sustainable and can have full confidence when working with us.

Glasgow Computer Recycling also holds the Resource Sector Commitment certificate from Zero Waste Scotland, a company dedicated to promoting best practices within recycling and waste management.

Recently, Glasgow Computer Recycling was acquired by S2S Group and holds over 16 certifications and accreditations including a Gold Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis.

EcoVadis is a platform that provides ratings and assessments of companies based on their environmental, social, sustainable, and ethical performance.

On top of this S2S Group hold various accreditations, to find out more, visit their accreditations page

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