On-Site Data Destruction

Secure On-Site Data Destruction For Public Sector Organisations

Glasgow Computer Recycling can offer secure On-Site Data Destruction for your IT Assets

Glasgow Computer Recycling – as part of the S2S Group – is now able to provide on-site data destruction across Scotland.

The shredding truck can provide the ideal solution for highly sensitive and confidential data, whilst also being completely flexible and tailoring the service to your organisation’s needs.

For simple and cost-effective services, you can use On-Site Data Destruction for ease.

What is On-Site Data Destruction?

On-Site Data destruction is the physical process of destroying assets on your own premises via Glasgow Computer Recycling’s Shredding Truck. This process is either done through industrial-grade shredding to a range of grades or the degaussing of equipment (the destruction of a data storage device by removing its magnetism).

Step 1 – Shredding Truck Comes To Your Premises

Glasgow Computer Recycling will arrive in a secure mobile shredding truck, using approved staff in order to start the on-site data shredding process.

Step Two – Asset Review

Your assets will be reviewed, sorted and an inventory validated. Glasgow Computer Recycling will then provide paperwork and reports to ensure an audit trail is created.

Step 3 – Destruction of Assets

Your data assets are destroyed on-site, securely to your individual specifications.

Step 4 – Certification of Destruction Issued

Certification of destruction will be provided.

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