How Can Glasgow Computer Recycling Dispose Of Photocopiers?

by Nathan Church 20th March 2023

How Can Glasgow Computer Recycling Dipsose of Photocopiers

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Photocopier Disposal

Photocopiers are large, heavy machines that can be difficult to remove from buildings, and most of them contain a hard drive that can hold records of all documents they have scanned and printed, making photocopier disposal difficult for businesses.

About The Disposal

Glasgow Computer Recycling safely removes photocopiers from any building using specialised equipment if needed.

Many photocopiers contain hard drives. Glasgow Computer Recycling’s disposal service includes removal and then crushing of the hard drive.

Glasgow Computer Recycling removes the stress of disposal with its quick and hassle-free service.

Watch our short video on Photocopier Disposal for a full breakdown of the service

Glasgow Computer Recycling worker removing Photocopier

Why Is Photocopier Disposal Important?

E-Waste is one of the biggest global issues that we face. When IT Assets are not recycled properly, this has a huge impact on environmental and human health. Dangerous toxins within photocopiers such as lead and mercury can damage the environment.

As mentioned earlier, the hard drive in a digital copier stores data about the documents it has copied/scanned, meaning that anything important files will have been stored on the hard drive.

Recycling your IT and electronic assets securely through Glasgow Computer Recycling means that any important information that could potentially be on the hard drive is undoubtedly irretrievable and will eliminate any reputational risks you could face.

Visit our dedicated Photocopier Disposal service page for more information

Why Can You Trust Glasgow Computer Recycling?

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a secure ITAD who have recently been acquired by S2S Group – a South-Yorkshire-based ITAD Company that holds over 16 accreditations. You can have full faith when working with Glasgow Computer Recycling.

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