How E-Waste In 2023 Is A Large Global Problem

by Nathan Church 27th March 2023

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What Is E-Waste?

E-waste has become a major issue in recent years. It refers to discarded electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, televisions, and other digital devices. As technology continues to advance, electronic waste has become an increasingly large problem in 2023.

With technology advancing more and more year by year., people are upgrading their phones, computers, and other devices regularly, leading to a massive amount of discarded electronics.

E-Waste Statistics

Over 59 MIllion Metric Tonnes
£46 Billion Material Value
Heavier Than The Great Wall Of China (50 Million Metric Tonnes)

Why Is Electronic Waste A Problem?

Electronic waste poses significant environmental and health risks. Improper disposal of IT assets leads to toxic chemicals polluting the environment.

Also, there are valuable materials within IT assets. According to The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), e-waste contains up to 50x more precious metals than mined ores. They also state there now needs to be a global effort to mine electronic waste, rather than mining the earth.

The issue seems to be growing. Based on current trends, it is reported that the amount of e-waste could reach 74.7 million metric tonnes by 2030. This is almost double the amount in 2014 (44.4 million metric tonnes)

How Can We Help With E-Waste?

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a certified ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) that specializes in the disposal of e-waste. With years of experience in the industry, Glasgow Computer Recycling offers secure and sustainable solutions for businesses and individuals looking to dispose of their electronic devices in a responsible manner.

All electronic waste is handled and recycled properly, minimizing the impact on the environment and reducing the risk of harm to human health.

Glasgow Computer Recycling offers secure data destruction services that eliminate the risk of data breaches.

Our methods include degaussing, physical shredding, and irreversible erasure of data, all of which are GDPR compliant.

Additionally, We provide certification of destruction, enabling businesses to meet requirements and have peace of mind knowing that their confidential data is completely destroyed.

There is more information on our provides services on our dedicated service page

Glasgow Computer Recycling Truck and Proper Disposal of IT.

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