Glasgow IT Recycler is the First and Only in Scotland to Guarantee GDPR Compliance

by Ruby Parker 1st March 2024

GCR achieves ADISA accreditation.

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Businesses have often found the recycling and disposal of old, unused, and redundant IT equipment difficult, time consuming, and a costly process. Often leaving them unsure if company data, specifically sensitive data, has been safely removed from old equipment.

Companies have long offered IT recycling services so it’s often hard to know which ones guarantee legal compliance. With this in mind, Glasgow Computer Recycling – part of the S2S Group, has worked diligently towards obtaining the ADISA Standard 8.0 certification, enabling GDPR compliant IT recycling services. On achieving this certification, Glasgow Computer Recycling is now the first and only IT recycling company in Scotland to be certified to this standard.  

What is ADISA Standard 8.0?

The ADISA Standard 8.0 is the only IT Asset Disposal certification mapped to law that can be used as evidence for GDPR compliance. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has approved the Standard 8.0 as a recognised UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certification scheme.

How Does This Benefits You?

Working with an ADISA Standard 8.0 certified company like Glasgow Computer Recycling, organisations can ensure their IT asset disposal processes are compliant with UK GDPR regulations effectively managing risk and provide protection from potential legal disputes.

Rachel Hall, On the Strength of the Staff and Company

Rachel Hall, Operations Director.
Rachel Hall, Operations Directo

Rachel Hall, Operations Director stated: “Since S2S Group acquired Glasgow Computer Recycling in 2022, our teams have worked diligently to secure identical accreditations and certifications across both sites. This demonstrates the company’s strength and the concerted efforts to become the number one IT recycling company across the UK.”

Chris Hare, On the Development of the Business

Chris Hare, Business Development Director.
Chris Hare, Business Development Director

Chris Hare, Business Development Director said: “In-line with S2S Group’s continued growth plans for the company, Glasgow Computer Recycling was already an established IT recycler with an excellent reputation within the industry. This latest ADISA certification not only cements this reputation but provides customers with the peace of mind that their assets are recycled in-line with GDPR legislation.”

Grant Barton, On the Development of Service Offering in Scotland

Grant Barton, CEO.
Grant Barton, CEO

Grant Barton, CEO added:The ADISA Standard 8.0 certification has provided us with nationwide capabilities, servicing all areas of the UK and now Scotland. From our base in Glasgow, we can now offer all businesses in Scotland with a secure, sustainable, and fully compliant IT recycling service.

About Glasgow Computer Recycling – Part of the S2S Group

Based in Scotland, Glasgow Computer Recycling has been providing simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective IT Asset Destruction solutions since 2010, assisting businesses in disposing of their redundant IT equipment securely, legally, and responsibly. Service levels can be tailored to meet any customer requirements, from a simple Secure Recycling Collection to a more secure, certified service.

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