Data Destruction: Why Is It Important For Businesses?

by Nathan Church 13th February 2023

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Glasgow Computer Recycling is Now Part of S2S Group

In 2022, Glasgow Computer Recycling was acquired by S2S Group, a South Yorkshire-based ITAD company with over 16 certifications and accreditations. They are highly skilled in WEEE Recycling and Data Destruction.

As part of the S2S Group, Glasgow Computer Recycling can now provide its customers with more services than before.

This includes WEEE Recycling, Secure Data Erasure and Destruction, IT Lifecycle Management, and S2S Group’s award-winning Trakk-IT Customer Portal.

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a Scotland-based IT asset disposal company that provides simple, and secure IT equipment solutions. 

Glasgow Computer Recycling holds several accreditations, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, the Resource Sector Commitment certificate by Zero Waste Scotland, and additionally holds a SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) license as a Waste Carrier/Broker.

Glasgow Computer Recycling Data Destruction Accreditations

Data Destruction

Glasgow Computer Recycling is an established ITAD company who have built a reputation for secure and approved processes. This data destruction process provides the irreversible physical destruction of IT assets.

A full range of data-holding assets – including DLT, LTO, and DDS, are all able to be physically destroyed, ensuring that all data is irreversibly inaccessible for that reason.

For the highest level of security, Glasgow Computer Recycling can carry out onsite data destruction to ensure that all IT assets are destroyed before leaving your site.

All data destruction services comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This secure IT asset disposal puts your business’ reputation first. Glasgow Computer Recycling’s services can be tailored to meet your requirements.

More information on General Data Protection Regulation

After providing data destruction services, Glasgow Computer Recycling can correspondingly issue certification, showing the serial numbers of all drives processed.

How does Data Erasure link to Data Destruction?

As part of the S2S Group, Glasgow Computer Recycling is a Blancco Gold Partner and can offer Blancco data erasure to customers.

Furthermore, Blancco’s software-based data wiping process ensures complete, irretrievable erasure of data.

In 2022 alone, Blancco prevented 74 million kilograms of e-waste altogether.

More information on Blancco

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Visit our Data Destruction page for more information

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