Why Is Mobile Phone Recycling Important?

by Nathan Church 20th February 2023

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The Impact of E-Waste

There are an estimated 55 million unused mobile devices sitting idle in drawers and cupboards across Britain today. Not only could these devices be recycled or reused, but the valuable materials in those devices hold value such as gold, palladium, silver, and copper.

Just 17% of all global e-waste is documented to be recycled each year, meaning huge amounts of valuable and recoverable materials are likely dumbed and burned. It is estimated that at least £7.9 billion worth of valuable materials is dumped each year and polluting the planet.

To avoid these devices being improperly disposed of businesses are legally obliged to recycle e-waste separately from general waste.

As part of the S2S Group, Glasgow Computer Recycling can now offer its customers a responsible way of disposing of mobile phones.

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Mobile Phone Recycling

The process allows businesses to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished, and redeployed.

Glasgow Computer Recycling encourages mobile device refurbishment and reuse whenever possible. This helps to prevent usable and valuable materials from going to waste and protects the environment. Not only does it help the environment, but it helps your business by providing you with a cost-effective alternative.

Trakk-IT Customer Portal

Thanks to S2S Group’s award-winning customer portal ‘Trakk-IT’, Glasgow Computer Recycling customers can track their electronic assets in real-time. The asset tracking system has been designed for clients of Glasgow Computer Recycling to view their devices at every stage.

This process allows tagged assets to be presently tracked and monitored, allowing you to securely view the location and status of your assets, to give you the comfort that your assets are in good hands.

Furthermore, Trakk-IT adds an extra layer of security for your business.

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