How Can Glasgow Computer Recycling Help You With WEEE Recycling?

by Nathan Church 27th February 2023

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WEEE Recycling

Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Recycling requires specific care and treatment that Glasgow Computer Recycling can provide you with, hence why we are one of the most accredited ITADS in Scotland.

We offer a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to businesses so that they can dispose of their WEEE.

Improper disposal of IT assets can lead to reputational issues for your business. By using our WEEE Recycling service, you can have full confidence that reputational issues are not an issue

Image of hard drives being recycled

Why is WEEE / Computer Recycling Important?

Businesses use computers, monitors, printers, and other forms of IT equipment. At some point, waste electrical and electronic equipment disposal is necessary.

Whether these IT assets are broken or redundant, these assets need to be disposed of responsibly.

WEEE and e-waste are unquestionably one of the largest and most complicated waste streams in the world. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, the world generated 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste in 2019, only 9.3 million metric tonnes of which were recorded as being collected and recycled.

More information on Global E-waste Monitor

Not only is there a legal obligation on businesses within the UK to correctly dispose of these IT assets, but businesses must take responsibility for the correct and proper disposal of IT assets.

WEEE Recycling Hard Drive

How Can Glasgow Computer Recycling Help with Computer Recycling?

Glasgow Computer Recycling provides a secure solution to allow businesses to discard their e-waste and/or WEEE recycling.

No matter the volume, we can collect several types of IT assets including circuit boards, amongst others.

Our simple process makes sure that you are complying with GDPR laws and regulations. You can have full confidence when working with Glasgow Computer Recycling, that your waste is treated in the most sustainable way.

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