IT Recycling: How To Choose The Right Partner

by Nathan Church 3rd April 2023

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Electronic waste (i.e. e-waste) is a growing concern globally. With the constant development of technology, new mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. are always being introduced. This makes it crucial for businesses to have a proper electronic disposal system in place to securely dispose of e-waste in a responsible manner.

Finding the right electronic disposal partner for your business is not an easy task. Choosing the right partner is crucial since e-waste often contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can pose significant health risks to people and the environment if not disposed of correctly.

IT Recycling Certifications

When choosing an electronic disposal partner, certifications and accreditations are essential to making sure your business doesn’t face any reputational risks.

A certified and accredited ITAD partner is what your business needs to make sure that you are disposing of assets securely and responsibly. This is why companies like Glasgow Computer Recycling are highly reliable for companies.

Their number of certifications including Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Zero Waste Scotland, and Blancco for Data Erasure means that your business can have full faith when working with Glasgow Computer Recycling.

Glasgow Computer Recycling Accreditations - Zero Waste Scotland, Blancco, SEPA.

Check the Company’s Reputation

The reputation of the company is also important when choosing an electronic disposal partner. The electronic assets that you give to ITAD companies hold sensitive and confidential information about your business. You want to make sure that your assets are in the right hands.

Glasgow Computer Recycling provides cost-effective and hassle-free solutions which allow businesses to securely and responsibly dispose of their redundant IT equipment. After being acquired by S2S Group, a Yorkshire-based company with over 30 years of experience, Glasgow Computer Recycling can now provide more services in a more secure manner in and around the Glasgow area.

The IT Recycling Process

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a partner is the company’s disposal process.

At Glasgow Computer Recycling we can provide secure data destruction to businesses. Thanks to being part of the S2S Group, Glasgow Computer Recycling can now provide onsite data destruction for your business if preferred.

The Company’s Services

Choose an electronic recycling partner that offers value-added services such as data destruction, asset management, and secure transportation. The services save you time and money while ensuring secure and responsible disposal of your electronic waste

You want your ITAD partner to be able to provide a wide variety of services – such as WEEE Recycling, Data Destruction, Mobile Phone Recycling, etc. Glasgow Computer Recycling can provide all these services.

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