Trakk-IT: Glasgow Computer Recycling’s Customer Portal

by Nathan Church 2nd May 2023

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E-Waste and Confidential Data

When disposing of e-waste such as hard drives, laptops, photocopiers, etc. They often contain private and confidential data within them. By improperly destroying or disposing of e-waste, this data can still be accessed.

By using a secure IT Asset Disposal company, this data can be also shredded and completely erased making it inaccessible to anyone.

Moreover, businesses have a right to know what stage of the process their IT destruction, erasure, or refurbishment is at. This is why Glasgow Computer Recycling uses Trakk-IT.

What is Trakk-IT?

S2S Group, which acquired Glasgow Computer Recycling back in November 2022, developed a unique customer portal called Trakk-IT

It allows you to track and monitor tagged assets in real-time, from the begging to the end of the ITAD process. The unique system allows you, and only you, to securely view the location and status of any asset.

Furthermore, Glasgow Computer Recycling designed the portal to provide you with complete reassurance that your assets are in good hands, right from the moment they are collected. You can also read S2S Group’s article for further information.

Trakk-IT logo

What Can You Use Trakk-IT For?

You are able to track your assets as well as:

  • Asset valuations collected by Glasgow Computer Recycling
  • Live updates on asset checks, data erasure status, and repair status of your assets
  • Manage the collection of your assets including collection date and time.
Trakk-IT Tag

How Does Trakk-IT Work?

  • Step 1 – Asset Collection
    Your IT assets are collected in secure vehicles, using vetted staff. Collections can be arranged through the customer online portal.
  • Step 2- Asset Tagging
    Your assets can either be tagged at your location or at Glasgow Computer Recycling premises, each asset is RFID tagged and the collection will be allocated a unique job number.
  • Step 3 – Asset Tracking
    You will be issued with unique Trakk-IT login details where you can securely track and also manage your assets and collections.

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