How Scotland Can Be Doing More For E-Waste

by Nathan Church 8th May 2023

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Scotland’s Progress

Over the past few years, Scotland has made some important progress in dealing with the crisis of e-waste. However, a lot more can still be done to ensure a sustainable and responsible approach to e-waste management.

Glasgow Computer Recycling is a responsible Scottish ITAD that is committed to providing its customers with secure and sustainable methods of IT asset disposal. As businesses around the world continue to make positive strides to better their sustainable goals and reduce their carbon footprint, Scottish businesses are beginning to follow suit which is positive to see.

Although there is positivity, it is important that businesses keep striving to reach their sustainable goals. E-Waste is a vastly increasing issue and disposing of IT assets is crucial to the sustainability of businesses.

Key E-Waste Statistics

E-Waste In Scotland

E-Waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the earth today. It includes a wide range of products with electrical components. Businesses and organisations around Scotland and around the world use IT products such as mobile phones, laptops, photocopiers, etc.

in 2019, 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated and it’s estimated that the amount of e-waste generated will exceed 74 million metric tonnes in 2030 – according to the Global E-Waste Monitor.

A study from Digit News reported that a third of Scots don’t know how to recycle e-waste. Nearly three-quarters of Scots, including 76% of Glasweigians admitted to throwing electronics into landfill bins rather than taking them to be recycled.

What Can Scotland Do To Take Action?

It’s important that businesses use secure and sustainable methods to dispose of their e-waste. All businesses use IT assets and when these assets become old and redundant or reach the end of their cycle, they are often improperly disposed of.

Incorrectly disposing of IT assets can lead to many issues that affect both environmental and human health.

Glasgow Computer Recycling is an ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) company specializing in the proper disposal of electronic waste. Holding vast industry experience, Glasgow Computer Recycling offers secure and sustainable solutions for businesses seeking responsible IT disposal.

All e-waste is managed and recycled in a manner that minimises environmental impact and mitigates potential harm to human health.

Glasgow Computer Recycling offers reliable data destruction services that eliminate the risk of data breaches. The techniques used, such as degaussing, physical shredding, and irreversible data erasure, fully comply with GDPR regulations.

As well as secure and sustainable services, Glasgow Computer Recycling also provide certification of destruction, granting businesses the ability to meet necessary requirements and ensuring absolute peace of mind regarding the complete destruction of their confidential data.

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