Why Your Valuable Data Could Be At Risk

by Nathan Church 15th May 2023

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Electronic Waste

Businesses everywhere possess confidential and valuable data, making it of utmost importance that when IT assets are destroyed, this data becomes irretrievable. However, improper ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) practices could put your business on the brink of reputational risks and potential data breaches of confidential information.

Valuable Data E-Waste

Valuable Data within E-Waste

E-Waste holds sensitive data about your business that needs to be securely and irretrievably removed. That’s why it is of great importance that businesses chose their ITAD partners responsibly.

Businesses that use improper methods of disposal could be leaving some sensitive data available on hard drives, putting your business at risk.

A single incident of mishandled sensitive data during IT asset disposal due to an improper method of destruction can have drastic effects on a business.

Why Secure ITADs Can Remove Risks Of Valuable Data Loss

Choosing a secure and responsible ITAD partner can save your business from a potential data breach. Companies need to have confidence in their ITAD partner to completely remove all data that businesses may have on their assets.

Responsible ITAD companies use advanced methods to ensure that your data is irretrievable. Glasgow Computer Recycling uses Blancco’s data-wiping software to guarantee that the data on your assets are completely wiped.

Not only do secure ITADs ensure the secure removal of your data, but they also actively benefit the environment through their methods.

E-waste poses a significant threat to environmental and human health, making it one of the world’s biggest issues.

By collaborating with a responsible IT asset disposal company, you contribute to containing the crisis of e-waste while safeguarding the environment.

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Why Work With ITAD Glasgow Computer Recycling

Glasgow Computer Recycling was recently acquired by secure ITAD S2S Group which has over 30 years of experience and 16 accreditations. They can provide businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all of Scotland. Glasgow Computer Recycling has multiple IT asset disposal services they can provide businesses with. These include Secure Data Destruction, WEEE Recycling, and Mobile Phone Recycling.

Glasgow Computer Recycling Valuable Data

Glasgow Computer Recycling aims to give full confidence to companies when handling sensitive data. Some of Glasgow Computer Recycling’s feedback includes:

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